Winter White Pick 3 #CiaratogaStyle

I’m rocking Winter White this holiday season as much as and I wanted to share a few of my current favorite accessories that have been making all of my seasonal outfits pop! These are perfect gifts year round for yourself or someone close to you!

#CiaratogaStyle, Winter White #Pick3:


I’ve been in love with my @copperh2o water bottle since the moment it arrived in the mail! Not just because it’s incredibly stylish, but because it has some amazing health benefits. Did you know that copper naturally alkaline your water? 💦 Water from copper vessels aid in better digestion and helps build a stronger immune system (which we all need this time of year). Looking to lose a bit of weight? This drinking from this bottle will help break down fat & is a great compliment to maintaining a healthy weight. Not to mention water stored in a copper bottle is loaded with anti-oxidants & helps create new skin cells — hello clear skin. I’m telling you… this bottle in by my side at. all. times.

 SpiriChill natural stone bracelets are simple, elegant & also have their own healing qualities. These natural stone bracelets bring the good vibes – seriously! The bracelet shown is made of Green Jade, which has a number of benefits that range from enhancing your body’s filtration organs to balancing the Heart Chakra, aiding in both emotional and physical well-being. My friend from Saratoga Springs, NY, Dimitri is the man behind SpiriChill and it’s been fantastic watching his business grow over the past year. I wear my bracelets often and I love not only what they represent, but to me, it’s like wearing a piece of home. When I’m in need of some extra “harmony” while wearing the bracelet, I add a few drops of soothing essential oils to the three black “lava” beads & the fragrance lasts all day long! This is a timeless gift!

I came across Desori Horse on Instagram last year on one of my many #EquestrianStyle searches and became immediately obsessed. Desori Horse is an Italian-based company that specializes in unique handmade bags and have recently launched a line of jewelry that reflects the designs of their bags. I had the chance to meet the sister of the company’s founder at the races at Belmont Park this spring and purchased my first handbag! Once I learned that they were now adding even more gorgeous accessories to their selection, I had to get on it.

What a statement these pieces are! The see-through style really make it pop on any fabric or directly on the skin. If you’re looking for a unique and stylish gift for the horse lady in your life… Check out !

Sending you warmth from Sunny California.

Happy Holidays 🙂

/ xo, ci. / 


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