Reclaiming Time #CiaratogaLiving

Culver City Steps, CA

Decided today to reestablish my relationship with time. Often we lose sight that we are in full control of who & what is worthy of our time & what matters the most. I am glad that I am able to not only be aware of this, but also embrace it! #MyTime allowed for a hike up the Culver City steps today 😊🙏🏽 

#RestoreElevateEvolve (my personal 2017 mantra…strikes again.)

The last few days I’ve been so stressed… and the majority of that angst was coming from an issue of feeling like I didn’t have enough time. That I wasn’t valuing my time, that others weren’t appreciative of my time and that is just exhausting.  Why do we do this to ourselves? Why not just do & stop wishing we had more time to do it?

Yeah, that’s done as of today. Letting go of time. Time is always there… it’s a matter of how you view it.  It’s possible to feel accomplished even if the boxes on the to-do list aren’t checked. I allowed myself the time to hike 282 steps today. It sounds daunting, and I was challenged in moments… but it felt good to be in the moment. Give yourself what you need. In this instance…a workout with a view was my opportunity for time.

#CiaratogaStyle by Ellie Activewear & Marika Clothing

I feel that once I relinquish these old thoughts on time… I’m going to find a lot more of it. I’m already feeling fulfilled. 

Did you take time for you today? There’s still time.

/ xo, ci / 

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