Goodbye Waxing & Threading. Hi, WeiBrow™. #CiaratogaStyle

I never realized how much eyebrows shape one’s face until I found WeiBrow™. 😍

Wait, what’s WeiBrow you ask? It’s is a semi-permanent technique of emphasizing & shaping your brows creating a flawlessly natural appearance. Unlike some makeup methods, WeiBrow™ is less invasive & leaves little if any scarring on your skin.

No more drawing, waxing, threading…done!


No really, bye. I could never find the right way to keep my brows looking how I wanted. I didn’t have the time or an interest in drawing them on with a stencil. I’d go through periods of time where I’d find a place to get them done like European Wax Center or Benefit Brow Bar…and shell out anywhere from $10-$25 for someone to touch them up every 3 weeks, but with my busy lifestyle I always ended up getting off schedule & or straight up forget. Before I got this treatment in October, the last time I even touched my brows was like in May. Yeah..I know! Since it is semi-permanent, this look will last for about 1-2 years. I’m already saving time & cash. For that alone, it’s worth it!

What I enjoy the most about them is their natural appearance. It’s not as dark as drawing them on, but still, provides a full look. What more can you ask for?

The entire WeiBrow application took less than two hours. They first numb your brows with a topical gel and draw an outline of your new brow shape after consulting with you for approval. Then, they get to work! It was like magic when they handed me the mirror to see the final result. The staff at Master Beauty System were really nice and made sure I got all the instructions on how to maintain them until my follow “touch up” appointment, which is in a few weeks.

If you’re in #LA & looking for this type of service, please check them out! I can’t express enough how much I enjoyed my experience at Master Beauty System. 1st-time customers get 50% off…mention my name!

Master Beauty System

Jin Song, Instructor & WeiBrow Master

1517 Western Ave, #B, Los Angeles, CA 90006

213.263.1888 |

Instagram | Facebook

/  xo, ci /








*Special thanks to Jin Song & the team at MBS for the great experience! #ad

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