Stylish Sunset at Santa Anita #CiaratogaStyle @LeTote

After a long hiatus, I’m back in California & back to my stylish ways! I missed blogging about my adventures… especially ones involving the races & what to wear at them. 

If it’s not visible, my first visit back to Santa Anita Park after almost 14 months was pretty joyous! I never imagined being gone so long, but returning felt magical. The racetrack was where I built my “home” during my first experience here in Los Angeles… this track is my living room & playground rolled into one! Good to be back.

But what to wear in during Autumn at Santa Anita? The weather is usually great in Cali, but it can be a bit unpredictable this time of year. In the morning hours it’s typically cool and sometimes there’s a significant “marine layer” of clouds which makes you want to layer up. By 12pm the sun is out, the temperature climbs & what you picked out to wear in the AM may have been too warm.

This ensemble that I chose for the track was a perfect combo of layering and warmth. 


  • Hayes Pastel Sweater Vest
  • BCBGeneration Faux Wrap Midi Dress

The feminine nature of the pink is just perfect. I was drawn to the way the dress hangs in the mid section and it came equipped with pockets. It’s a light material, so pairing it with the long sweater vest was a good call. It kept the look a bit causal and as a result went with pink flats instead of heels.

I chose these items as a part of my monthly subscription to Le Tote, which, if you’re not familiar with this company… you should be. Here’s how it works: 

How Le Tote works

Le Tote makes my life so much easier. I’m able to find new outfits and styles with zero hassle. And I LOVE that I can get as many totes in a month as I can turn around for under $60 a month. One month I got 4 totes sent to me… that’s essentially 16 ensembles a month, genius! I can’t stop raving about them.

If you have any questions about how Le Tote works, I encourage you to reach out! The first 5 that do, I will send a complementary first Le Tote so you can see what #LifeUnlimited is like! 

/ xo, ci /

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