Poncho Weather. #CiaratogaStyle

Was it just me, or was this not the rainiest week in life? This time of year can be unpredictable when it comes to weather… especially in Upstate New York. One day it’s humid and 90 degrees and the next there are snow flurries. (Not an exaggeration)Dressing for spring’s weather woes can be tricky. As soon as I’m ready to pack up all the winter clothes and replace the closet full of dresses and flip flops we get a brisk rainy day. Instead of a rain jacket I decided to take this poncho out for a spin. 

I love. This poncho. I got it in Ensenada, Mexico last year while traveling on a cruise. The authenticity of the piece is what really drew me to it. I adored the pattern and style which is different than the more traditional ponchos that you’d find. This one has a collar and about six small wooden buttons to hold the garment over your body. The fringe details make it super chic… I couldn’t leave the country without it.It’s definitely not the softest, luxurious material. The woven wool carries weight and has its own distinct scent, none of which I mind because I don’t wear this jacket too often. This is a classic piece that I’d like to keep for years so I wear it sparingly.I paired the poncho with a cream colored blouse, my favorite pair of Kan Kan jeans and some gold flats. This was the perfect outfit choice for the quick and easy errand run around town in the rain.  Do you have favorite piece of clothing that you’ve gotten in your travels? Share with me in the comments below! 

Xo, Ci

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