Wireless & Wearable: AshleyChloe Headphones #CiaratogaStyle


Until recently, my relationship with headphones has been a struggle. I could never keep track of them. They’d get tangled up in knots. I’d buy inexpensive ones only to hear out of one ear. Super huge headphones? Tried ’em a few months ago and felt like I was wearing a helmet. In general, I’m not a big fan of feeling restricted to my iPhone by this skinny little cord… let me run free!

Ashley Chloe’s wireless headphones have solved this issue, easily becoming my new favorite life accessory. Coined as the “World’s First Wearable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones,” they are one of the coolest and convenient pieces of technology on the market. The headphones are accompanied with the “Helix Cuff,” an adjustable bracelet cuff designed stores your earbuds while on the go. Game Changer.

The Helix Cuff is equipped with Bluetooth 4. 1, Smart Multipoint Connectivity and an excellent cVc noise reduction system. I had zero issues connecting my headphones to my cell phone and tablet. The connection is strong up to 30 feet from the source.

It’s really not easy to design something that is versatile in so many situations…especially when it needs to be worn and is electronic. Ashley Chloe’s innovative take on wireless headphones makes them easy to wear while working on the computer, at the gym, or taking a call at the bar while out and about.

The Helix Cuff comes in a variety of colors. I chose the White & Gold which is think is super sleek but can be a challenge to keep clean! In hindsight I may have chose a set of all black. They also come with a USB cord for charging the headphones, so make sure that you charge them well before extensive usage. Remembering to turn off the headphone after use is also a great way to save the battery.

If you’re someone that uses headphones often, you’ll never want to go back to regular earphones. This is the direction that technology is moving and thanks to Ashley Chloe I’m glad to be ahead of the curve with my Helix Cuff.

I encourage you to swing by Ashley Chloe and peruse their website. Check out their styles and if you feel inclined to make a purchase, use my code CIARA10 for 10% off your order! Have more questions about them? Leave a comment!

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*Many thanks to the awesome marketing team at Ashley Chloe for sponsoring this post with a complimentary set of Helix Cuff headphones*

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