Saratoga at Golden Hour | #CiaratogaStyle w. Tracey Buyce & SigAShop

A Saratoga morning well spent.

I absolutely love collaborating with creatives. Over the course of the last few months I had been in separate talks with photographer Tracey Buyce and Equestrian Clothing brand, SigAShop about partnering together. Somehow, the stars aligned the other week and we all found ourselves in Saratoga Springs at the same time, so of course a photo shoot was in order!


#CiaratogaStyle by
#CiaratogaStyle by

We met bright and early at 6 a.m. for a sunrise shoot with Tracey’s horse, Moose and let me tell you, it was worth it! Take a look at what we create:

Tracey Buyce Horse Photography025

SigAShop is an up and coming equestrian clothing line that blends equine with bohemian fashion. I love the simple horse accents in their designs. Easy to wear, relaxed yet sexy…my kind of style.


Tracey Buyce Horse Photography021 (1)

How gorgeous is Moose! He truly enjoyed grazing in the grass at Willow Run Stables. It was hard to get his head up to even capture this moment, but so glad we did because the camera (and everyone) just loves him!

Tracey Buyce Horse Photography030

I also had a chance to meet Sarah, one of the bloggers behind FiftyTwoThursdays! It’s always awesome to connect with others who are in your industry. Be sure to visit their blog to see her adventures in Saratoga.


Tracey Buyce, NY - 2016
Tracey Buyce, NY – 2016

Tracey is an incredible photographer. Her ability to capture light and emotion is quite unique, and I’m honored to have had to opportunity to work with her. I encourage you to visit her website, Instagram and Twitter to see the breath of her work.

Here’s also a video of behind the scenes from our shoot!

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