Friday’s Fashion Find: 6.24.16 | #CiaratogaStyle



Form Fitting.

…for $10.



Contemporary Body Con Dress, $10.90,


I love dresses that can be worn in a number of different settings, and this is one of them. It can easily be dressed up or down. Rock heels or cute flats…add a scarf or a blazer…and for only $10.90, you might as well buy 5 of them!

Friday Fashion Find #CiaratogaStyle by Forever21

I don’t wear heels that often, but I had a few meetings scheduled today so I decided to dress up the outfit. I took out my go-to heels from I love their simplistic design and that they run slim in size because I have super narrow feet. In fact, I own about 4 pairs in various colors & patterns because they are surprisingly comfortable.


I’m not exactly sure what to call this pattern, but it speaks for itself. The attention-grabbing colors of blue and green are perfect for this time of year, and as a result it doesn’t require a lot of accessories. When I found this dress in the store, they also sold it in separates – a skirt and matching crop top, which would also look great! To see that look, click here.

I really want to stress that it doesn’t have to cost a lot to have great style. I definitely have my fair share of them on my wardrobe. However, who really cares? If you look good in an outfit, you look good in an outfit. If you feel good, you feel good. Right? So do that!

I kinda like this “Friday Fashion Find” series, what do you think?

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