Friday’s Fashion Find | #CiaratogaStyle

And on Friday’s… we slay.


Both pieces are on *extreme* sale online & stores. I paid even less for both in the store. The top was $4.99 and skirt was $5.99 on clearance.

It’s not every day that you can create an outfit from the clearance rack. As much as I love fashion, I am NOT that girl that can stay in the mall all day going through racks of clothes trying to something. I give myself about 30-45 minutes per shopping trip and if I don’t find anything, oh well. This shopping excursion lasted about 8 minutes. I saw the skirt first, then found this top. Between the price tag and the color it was a no brainer.

This is a perfect sassy summer outfit. I must admit, it will need to be worn in the right environment. This ensemble will not be seen at the races, but it works for a casual California Friday like today. I am glad that I paired it with a fun pair of pink converse sneakers to keep it playful. I could easily transition this to a night-out ensemble by subbing the sneaks for heels.

Exposed zippers are so in. I love that both pieces have that contrast from the front and the back… it’s those small details that really elevate the outfit and make it look a bit more expensive than it really was.

Sometimes the clearance rack will make you look and feel like a million bucks. If you’re looking for some fun summer pieces, head on over to and browse their selections!

Have a great weekend,

/ xo, ci /

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