A girl & a GoPro in @Joymode | #Roadto30

Live in #joymode | Big Basin Redwood Forest

Have you wanted to throw a movie night in your backyard but didn’t have a projector screen?

Ready to spend an afternoon at the beach with your friends, but don’t have enough beach chairs and need an extra cooler?

Craving to make a gourmet Italian Dinner in the comforts of home with your own homemade pasta?

Tired of trying to capture that perfect shot with your cell phone?

Well, let me introduce you to Joymode.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 09.08.47

Joymode delivers amazing experiences directly to your door, so you can try new things without actually owning more than what you need. After you’re doing with your experience, they are there to pick everything up. All Yes.

Joymode’s mission is on point:

“Our goal is to help create a world where what you do isn’t limited by what you own. We want to be defined by our experiences, not our possessions. We want people to have happier lives, ones filled with unique experiences shared with loved ones, that don’t require buying more things.”

What types of experiences do they offer?



There are a number of experiences that Joymode can bring straight to your door. From home cleaning supplies to pool toys to camping gear – they’ve got you covered, and are always adding more fun experiences. I love that they give you the option to customize your order, and even combine experiences together!

The Ultimate GoPro Experience: 


Once I saw that one would grant me access to a GoPro, I had to order it! In planning my #Roadto30 trip to San Jose, I figured the Ultimate GoPro Experience would be perfect for getting some great photos of California.

Through the Joymode app, I arranged to have a GoPro HERO4 Session delivered to my home on a specific date and was also able to choose the time frame that worked best for my schedule. On the evening of delivery any details regarding drop off were sent to me via text such as an estimated time delivery, etc.

Big Basin Redwood Forest

In my Ultimate GoPro Experience package, it included the camera, a GoPro head strap and body harness, as well as car mounts and a special “selfie” stick . It also included step by step instructions on how to set up the GoPro so it syncs directly to your cell phone. Don’t worry, the GoPro came equipped with its own WiFi for easy uploading!

During my travels, initially I had a bit of difficulty synching the GoPro to my iPhone so I reached out to the support team at Joymode via text. We arranged to have a phone call and a team member walked me through all the steps to ensure I was set up properly. They also followed up with tutorial videos and made sure all of my questions were answered, amazing! Following the weekend, they arrived to my home to pick up the GoPro.

San Luis Reservoir

My trip was incredibly enhanced thanks to the moments I was able to capture with the help of Joymode. To think of the cost of how much a GoPro camera and its supplies really are, I’ve already saved money and time by becoming a member.

So…how do you get in Joymode?

Joymode has a fantastic annual membership structure with benefits such as:

  • Free same-day delivery
  • Insurance on items borrowed
  • Advance reservations
  • ….way more.

Right now, the only way to access and enjoy all that Joymode has to offer is to be invited by an existing member, and luckily I happen to be one.  

If you use my code: JOYCIARA at signup, you’ll get an annual membership for only $49 (it’s normally $99). Not fully ready to join? Try a Guest Pass to enjoy your first experience. 

This is likely the one of the best websites that I have come across in quite a while, and I truly wish the team at Joymode all the success with their business. If you are in the Los Angeles area, or even planning to visit, I strongly suggest that you get into #joymode!

See what Joymode is up to by following their social @Joymode on InstagramTwitter!

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