Layered Up-state | #CiaratogaStyle

I have spent the last ten days in plaid, faux-fur vests, knee-high socks and boots. For this winter edition of the #CiaratogaReunionTour, it was all about staying cozy … and cute. 

Layering up ensembles was one of the best ways I was able to stay warm while mixing different patterns, colors and textures from my wardrobe to create a stylish look for even 20 degree weather.

Layered Up-State | #CiaratogaStyle

Layered Up-State | #CiaratogaStyle:

 I’ve always been a lover of plaid. When I saw this buffalo plaid shirt dress in the store I grabbed it right off the rack and went directly to the register. It comes with a belt to accentuate the waist, but can easily be rocked without for a more relaxed fit. The great thing about shirt dresses is because of its shape it lends for the opportunity to add layers underneath like a camisole tank top or a pair of thick tights, both of which I did.

Layered Up-state | #CiaratogaStyle

In relocating to LA, I was smart enough to store away a few warm clothing items in New York for future visits. It escaped my memory that I had a faux fur vest, and was happy to be reunited with it! It paired nicely with the majority of the clothes I packed and kept me super comfy. 

These JustFab tall riding boots handled their first snow in the Adirondacks perfectly. They were stylish and spacious enough to fit two pairs of socks on super cold days, or to tuck in a pair of jeans. For $39, you can’t beat being JustFab VIP member!

Though not pictured, honorable mention must be given to the most essential accessories: beanie hats, scarves and texting gloves & eyewear. 

Layered Up-state | #CiaratogaStyle

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