Sunday Relaxation with Tara Kiwi – #CiaratogaStyle

Unless I’m at the races, on the weekend it’s all about comfort. Whether you’re meeting a friend for an early cup of coffee, on your way to Pilates, or simply running errands around town, here’s a quick way to style yourself so that you are ready for all three occasions inspired by equestrian clothing designer, Tara Kiwi

#CiaratogaStyle: Sunday Relaxation with Tara Kiwi

#CiaratogaStyle: Sunday Relaxation


#CiaratogaStyle: Sunday Relaxation with Tara Kiwi

This ensemble is cute, casual and comfortable. On the way to Pilates class the other day, I met up for coffee with my friend Tara, owner of Tara Kiwi, and this was the perfect outfit. Even though I was heading to the gym, I wanted a look that could still be stylish while bouncing around town before, during, and after. The kimono lace cardigan is a great compliment to the Parts of the Saddle tank top. It provides a nice amount of coverage but doesn’t take away from the print of the top. 

My favorite part of the outfit is by far the infinity scarf, which is the latest edition to the Tara Kiwi collection. Tara always knows how to capture the essence of equestrian style in her designs. This scarf is no exception. The handsewn scarf is made of piqué fabric which gives a silky soft feeling as it wraps around your neck. I’m beyond obsessed and have barely taken it off since Tara personally delivered mine during our little outing. Effortless fashion that can easily be dressed up or down, what more do you need?

Are you in love with this scarf as much as I am? Make sure to stop by Tara Kiwi’s website and grab yourself one before the hoilday rush! 

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