Shopping with Sapporo @uniqlousa – Grand Opening Party @DelAmoFashion #WhereUniqlo #UniqloDelAmo

This past Thursday I had a chance to get a sneak peek of the new Uniqlo at Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA. Live music, Sake and Sapporo, and clothing? What a way to spend the evening. I scored some amazing additions to the wardrobe also! Here are just a few photos from the event:

  First things first… 

Seaweed and Sapporo

Hey Mr. DJ…
  I love how Uniqlo leaves out samples of their pre-packaged clothing so you’re able to get a better idea of the feel and size before you buy. No one ever likes to buy items that look like they are tampered with, or not neatly packaged. More stores should do this!  
Shopping Success
Uniqlo Goodies
 #CiaratogaStyle all found at

  • Ultra Light Striped Cashmere Sweater, $59.90 (on sale for $19.90)
  • Extra Light Wireless Bra, $24.90
  • Patterned Socks, 7 pairs for $1! (Check their website for daily deals!)
  • Ultra Seamless Hiphugger Underwear, $4.90

I made out big time with my purchases. With the grand opening sales specials, I managed to get all of these items for only $56! 

Sometimes you just need to lounge all day in comfort…   

/ xo, ci /

(Special thanks to Obviously Social and Uniqlo USA for inviting me to this special event!)

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