The Sassy Secret Weapon – #CiaratogaStyle meets @GirlyGoGarter

My fellow Saratogian Valerie of and I met for breakfast in LA a few weeks ago and she introduced me to by far one of the best lady inventions I have seen in a while, The Girly Go Garter.

Exactly. What does that even mean. A garter? Do people even wear them now a days? Well, now I do. The Girly Go Garter is a sleek and sexy lady fanny pack that sits on your thigh and carries up to three pounds of essentials that you may need while on the go. Keys, Lip Gloss, Cell Phones, Racing Programs, Winning Tickets… the list goes on! It’s easy to disguise under your clothing yet stylish enough to be exposed. A bit of modern mixed with Old School…a welcomed addition to #CiaratogaStyle.

For those times when you don’t need an entire purse… #CiaratogaStyle – Malibu, CA
My Girly Go Garter arrived at the perfect time as I was gearing up to travel back to Los Angeles from Upstate New York with my kitty Tipton Travers. I had a scared cat in a bag, a carry on item and a checked suitcase. The thought of digging through my carry on to find my cell phone or boarding pass never had to cross my mind because I had all of the key items stored in my Girly Go Garter. The easy access cut the time down dramatically while maneuvering through two airports with a cat. I’m sold.

The GentleFlex “g” grippers hold the garter in place and can carry up to 3lbs. Girly Go Garter, $39,
I say it is time to bring the garter back. Imagine how convenient this would be for that morning jog, when you need both hands to hold your baby, or hidden under your sundress at a summer BBQ. It’s a great idea for a gift especially being priced under $40. With three different sizes, the Girly Go Garter can fit a variety of body frames, and comes in 7 colors. Check their website for their sizing chart.

Travel In Style. A new place for your Passport? Black Girly Go Garter, Size Sm, $39.
Since I’m such a fan of this product, I’ve teamed up with Girly Go Garter to provide a 10% discount to all readers who are interested in purchasing a Girly Go Garter of their own. All you have to do is enter my Promo Code at checkout: CiaratogaStyle. 

…and I can’t wait to wear this at the track. I have a new home for my daily program, betting vouchers, and my NYRA rewards card. From the looks of this Twitter photo below, even our Triple Crown Winning Jockey Victor Espinoza has had an opportunity to see this product up close!

Who’s joining us in the great garter comeback?

Stop by Girly Go Garter’s social outlets:

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