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Who else woke up to the sound of rain?  It’s that time of year here in Los Angeles when the weather gets a tad cooler. A marine layer blankets the city in the morning before the sun breaks through to provide its daily warmth. I really enjoy mornings like this, but finding outerwear that can accommodate the quick change from clouds to sun can sometimes be a challenge. With the help of Uniqlo, I think my problem has been remedied!

Today’s CiaratogaStyle:

Weekend Lover. Ultra Lightweight Down Compact Jacket, $59.90, Weekend Lover Tee, $12.90, forever21.com; Women’s Ultra Stretch Jeans, $49.50, uniqlo.com

This ensemble was made for a cloudy Sunday! No contacts, no filter.

Ultra Lightweight Down Compact Jacket, $59.90, Weekend Lover Tee, $12.90, forever21.com; Women’s Ultra Stretch Jeans, $49.50, uniqlo.com

I never wear jeans. Mainly because I can never find a pair that fits both my booty and waistline. I always end up with the “back gap,” which is just not a good look on anyone. I can easily say it’s been two years since I’ve found a pair of jeans that I like. When I ordered these jeans online, I was prepared for them not to fit well but to my surprise they fit like a glove! The material has a bit of a stretch, which helps keep them comfortable but also form fitting. They sit at the perfect height on the hips, and the length is just right for my 5 foot 7 frame. And for under $50? I want 14 pairs. 


What really needs to be discussed is this lightweight down jacket. I’m not sure if the word obsession is an accurate enough description of how I feel about this gem of a clothing piece. It’s awesome. It’s collapsible. It’s “Saratoga to So Cal” approved, and I love it. The cardigan style neckline with a contrasting light grey trim makes it look modern and sleek, and stands out from the average puffer jacket. This is the jacket a beachy Californian or Adirondack hiker needs between 8 – 11am, and then again from 8 – 11pm, and the best part is that you really can carry it with you all day. The jacket comes with its own storage bag. Once it was too warm to wear, I simply rolled it up and threw it in my purse. Boom. Stylish simplicity!

Here comes the sun…
Head over to Uniqlo.com and check out their clothing for men, women and children! #whereUniqlo – #UniqloLifewear

/ xo, ci /

*Thanks to ObviouslyStudio.com and Uniqlo.com for sponsoring today’s CiaratogaStyle!

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