#CiaratogaStyle: #RainyDayInLA w. @RalphLauren @WarbyParker & @Theory__ 

When rain falls down from the sky Angelinos lose their minds…myself included.  I woke up around 2am to the sound of rain hitting my window. I jumped out of bed to double check the rain was indeed real and not some plumbing leak from inside my condo. Yesssss! Welcome back precipitation, we’ve been awaiting your visit.

I forgot how comforting sleeping to the sound of rain is. I could barely remove myself from the sheets this morning. I probably should have stayed there, because I’ve been out of whack all day! I was 10 minutes behind for my first appointment for the day, where I realized that I made my bed with my cell phone in it. I arrived at Starbucks without my reusable ceramic mug, which is a serious California offense. Let’s…just blame it on the rain.

I took full advantage of all 2.37 inches of rain that our yellow grass needed by dusting off my favorite pair of rain-boots and a sweatshirt. Let’s be honest, who cares if it’s still 80 degrees outside? Who. Cares. I will wear this all day and sing to “rain songs” in traffic.

Today has been a day of outtakes!
Today’s #RainyDayInLA CiaratogaStyle:

#RainyDayInLA | #CiaratogaStyle
I finally (sort of) got myself together enough to grab a few shots of this ensemble. These boots are my absolute favorite. A few years back my mom and I were shopping together and I spotted these Ralph Lauren boots and fell in love. I didn’t purchase them that day and I kicked myself for months after for not doing so. That year for Christmas, Santa Madre had the boots under the tree for me. Best surprise ever! Every time I wear them I think of her, and how she can still always pull the best moves on me even as an adult. 🙂

I take great care of this Theory sweatshirt, likely because it’s the most expensive piece of active wear I’ve ever owned. Since I have to take it to get dry cleaned after each wear, (yes, really. it’s okay I laugh at this too) It only comes out on special occasions, which would be a wet humid morning like today.

By the time I drove back home to dig my cell phone out from under the comforter and grab my cup, the rain had stopped and the sun was already peeking out. Go figure, just my luck!

I completed the ensemble with these Piper sunglasses from the Warby Parker Home Try On Program. If you read my last blog, Warby Parker recently launched their fall collection and their eyewear is awesome! When you visit their website, choose five frames that you like and they will ship them to you free of charge to sample before you buy! For every pair purchased, Warby Parker donates a pair to someone in need with the help of non profit partners.

The rain is always a reminder to slow down, and I think I may have gotten to ahead of myself today. It happens, just make sure your style doesn’t suffer in the process 🙂

#RainyDayInLA | Rain Songs:

/ xo, ci/

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