#PaintNite at @AngelCityBeer: July 26, 2015

Yesterday’s Sunday Fun-night was full of arts and of course, libations during the PaintNite event at Angel City Brewery in Downtown LA. There’s no denying that “Paint and Sip” has become very popular in recent years. Numerous businesses have opened in U.S. cities offering wine and beer while a class instructor guides you how to paint your own masterpiece. PaintNite is unique in that their painting event locations change on a daily basis, so if PaintNite is in your city, you can find an event locale that truly speaks to you.

I was lucky enough to find a PaintNite that just so happened to be hosted at a Brewery, yasss. As soon as I found this out, I called a few of my awesome friends and we set out for a little LA adventure. Let’s just say that I now have a new fun spot in downtown LA. Only fitting that the brewery sits in the arts district, it was the perfect space to host a PaintNite. The brewery had ample seating over two floors, each table had board games to play as well as vendors selling homemade products. In their parking lot held a food truck (the vendor changes weekly) and their beer is excellent. I have had their Amber ale before, but I decided to try their Coconut Brew last night, amazing.

Here’s my evening at PaintNite through photos. I’d suggest going onto their website and see if there is an event in a city near you! For a 35% on your first experience, enter the code “Insta”!

Coconut Brew at Angel City Beer, yum!

And away we go….

I probably should have just stopped right here. I have never felt more accomplished with a paintbrush as I did when I managed to make this blue sky.

Creating the base.

The instructor of the class was great, she provided great directions but also encouraged us to take our own creative liberties. It’s going home to your walls, so better make sure you like it!

This was the painting model compared to mine. I took an abstract approach.

My painting quickly turned into a fall scape, but what else would you expect from an Adirondack girl?

“Happy Little Trees.” – Bob Ross
My buddy Elise and I enjoying our time!

I love that even though we all had the same instructor, all of our paintings came out extremely unique, and I think a great representation of our personalities.

Our final products!

Of course, what’s a Paint Nite without a little, eh… Street Art photo shoot?

Street Art.  

Thanks again to ObviouslySocial.com for providing this experience!

/ xo, ci /

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