#CiaratogaReunionTour:  July 3rd @ValleyForgeNHP {through photos} 

I kicked off July 4th weekend by getting in some American culture at the Valley Forge National Historical Park in Pennsylvania before driving up to Saratoga Springs.

Having spent the first half of my life outside of Philadelphia in the Valley Forge area, I’m no stranger to Valley Forge Park. My preschool and middle school were on the outskirts of the park’s grounds, resulting in numerous educational  day trips to where the U.S. Continental Army spent their winter encampment during the Revoultionary War in 1778. I always thought this place was the best: thousands of green acres for recreational activities amongst a deep rooted history that has been preserved for over two centuries. Old buildings, churches, monuments and cabins are scattered thorough out the park, all containing their own special piece of American History.

Here are a few glimpses of Valley Forge Park I captured during my Friday morning stroll:  

    This photo was a complete accident, and turned out awesome!
This was pretty crazy, finding this bell inside of the church that was made in Troy, NY!  I love finding historical connections between the two cities I grew up in! #DiscoverTroy  
 A place I’ve seen a hundred times… Yet on this morning it felt like the first time. Just beautiful. I hope you had a great 4th 🇺🇸

/ xo, ci /

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