#EquineLove: The Devon Horse Show / #CiaratogaStyle @Devon1896

It feels really, really good to be home. Most people know me as Ciaratoga, the horse racing girl from Saratoga Springs, NY…but I’m originally from a beautiful town outside of Philadelphia, PA, named Devon. I spent the first twelve years of my life in Devon, which happens to have a strong equestrian history. It’s the home The Devon Horse Show, the oldest and largest outdoor horse show in the United States, dating back to 1896.

As a child, I lived within walking distance to the show that takes place annually in late May/early June. Devon, much like Saratoga Springs, is a small town that tends to revolve around the equine species during the Spring and Summer months. Everyone knows when “The Show” is in town: Route 30 is filled with horse trailers, an influx of young and old equestrians walking around in their finest horse attire, you can hear the calls from the show and see the lights shining over the grounds at night…and of course, that smell of “horse” which, over time I’ve somehow found to be incredibly comforting.

My grandmother lives on the same street as The Devon Horse Show, so this morning I took a walk over and was very happy to find the Brandywine Valley Summer Series Show was taking place at DHS until July 5th. I was able to catch a few jumpers and hunters while floating throughout the grounds. 
What a trip down memory lane. A wave of thoughts, like being a student at Devon Elementary and having after school play-dates where we played with toy horses instead of Barbies. Remembering the first time I rode a horse at age 9, I could have never imagined how much these four-legged animal would end up shaping my life. I’ve had the incredible privilege to develop and grow my equine love from Pennsylvania to Upstate New York, and now Southern California. Each location having it’s own unique charm and experiences… but there’s no place like home:  I was bred for this.

 It was only fitting that today’s #CiaratogaStyle featured Equestrian fashion designer, Tara Kiwi, who also found her love of horses at The Devon Horse Show. Tara and I met in Los Angeles in early 2014; we quickly connected on our mutual love for Devon and of course, style. Tara’s boutique equestrian organic cotton tee shirts are so comfortable. Her print designs are modern and constantly changing, so much so that I have four tees (and counting)! All of which truly capture the spirit of the equestrian lifestyle in their different way. Make sure you check out her website for Women, Mens and Children’s clothing: www.tarakiwi.com:#CiaratogaStyle: The Devon Horse Show

  • Top: Danielle Demers for Tara Kiwi Showpins 3/4 Sleeve Organic Tee, $49.50, tarakiwi.com
  • Shorts: Short Twill Short, Seersucker, $12.95, H&M
  • Horse Clutch: $10, Marshalls

More to come on the #CiaratogaReunionTour! / xo, ci /

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