#KentuckyDerby Week @Ciaratoga 

It’s cray to think that us horseplayers work so hard during Derby Week for just TWO MINUTES. But let’s be honest, The Kentucky Derby IS the greatest two minutes in sports. In true Ciaratoga fashion, I took Kentucky Derby week very seriously this year…making sure I touched all areas of horses. style. living:

Derby Week in the life:

Monday – 5 days: Dresses to wear on the #CioncéWorkoutPlan

I knew this week was going to take a lot out of me, so I wanted to make sure that I kept up with my fitness and healthy eating habits so I not only could feel great in whatever outfit I wore, but to avoid getting sick (which ended up happening anyway).  I didn’t have my personal trainer there with me, but I think he’d approve of this 45 minute workout:

  • 2 miles on treadmill (avg. pace 9 min)
  • 1 mile Interval Training on treadmill (incline at 12, power walk at 4.0 speed, then jog – alternate every two minutes…feel the burn, 10-12 min)
  • Weight Training (a mixture of arms and leg machines, 15 minutes)
#KeepItTight, #CiaratogaStyle: @LiveThatLifeCo

Tuesday – 4 days: ‘CappyHour Delivery

How else was I supposed to move along the handicapping process? With a field of 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby, there’s a lot to analyze to make sure you’re picking the correct order of finish, or at least a winning combination to make some dough. Wine helps. Especially when you can download a cellphone app like Saucey that will deliver the alcohol straight to your door in under 60 minutes.  This was the second time I’ve used Saucey. The first time by bottle came in 26 minutes, this time it was 45 – still awesome!

  • Check the website to see if your city has Saucey Service
  • Download the Saucey App and plug in your information
  • Use my code for $5 off your first order! (CODE: mtuv9f)
‘CappyHour Delivery from the @SauceyApp

Wednesday – 3 days: Just Add Bacon

Not really sure if anything else really needs to be said. Just look at this power breakfast from The Farm of Beverly Hills.

3 Days til Kentucky Derby = Add Bacon @TheFarmofBeveryHills
A little pool time #CiaratogaStyle with the help of #LillyForTarget and my girlfriend Anya. Who says you can’t get work done this way? With three days to go, I think I have finally found my top contenders for both the Kentucky Derby Oaks on Friday and Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Because handicapping by water makes it even more fun.

Thursday – 2 days: Mint Julep Practice Run at #CiaratogaLiving

48 hours to go, CiCi got a little excited. I think my body was on auto pilot inside the grocery store as my somehow just ended up at the register with all these ingredients to make Mint Juleps and deserts. The night in the kitchen was AWESOME:

Mint Julep Ingredients:

  • 2.5 oz bourbon
  • 1 oz Simple Syrup
  • 4-6 mint leaves
  • Crushed Ice

2 days til Derby = Mint Julep Practice Run!
I felt super inspired after the Mint Julep, and I took to Pinterest to see other ways that I could use this Bulleit Bourbon and Mint in the kitchen, and I found a pretty awesome recipe for Mint Julep cookies from ShrimpSaladCircus.com. This Mint Julep frosting was the EASIEST thing I’ve probably ever done in the kitchen:

Mint Julep Frosting:

  • 10 Mint Leaves (finely chopped)
  • 1 1/4 cup Confectioners’ Sugar
  • 3 tbsp Bourbon

Not going to lie I totally cheated on the cookie front this time and didn’t make my batter from scratch. I did roll the pre-made cookie dough in bourbon and froze it for a half hour before i put them on the tray to go into the oven. The cookies turned out just as wonderful (and fragrant) as they look!

Mint Julep Frosted Bourbon Sugar Cookies – #nom

 Friday – 1 day to go: Talk Derby to Me

Fillies First on Kentucky Oaks Day!  Friday was a big day. Not only was there live racing, but I was going to be live and on air talking all things Kentucky Derby on one LA’s top rock stations, 100.3 The Sound that morning! Even though no one could actually SEE my broadcast, I had to make sure that my outfit was on point:

#CiaratogaStyle: Kentucky Oaks

  • Dress: High-Low Colorblock Dress, $39.99, JustFab.com
  • Shoes: JF Rosey Heel, $39.99, JustFab.com
  • Hat: Christine A. Moore Fascinator, camhats.com
  • Clutch: My grandma’s #vintage!

I love being a VIP member of JustFab.com – $39 a month gives you online credit that you can use on their site towards 1 item, clothing, shoes, bags or jewelry. I happened to have had 3 months of credit stored up, so I purchased two dresses and a pair of heels on MONDAY afternoon & they arrived Wednesday. Perfect timing! I love the material and flow of this dress. The Kentucky Oaks is usually a day to wear Pink, but I decided to stand out with this “Construction Chic” orange because it reminded me of the jockey silks on filly Lovely Maria, who I was rooting for later that afternoon.

#CiaratogaStyle – @KentuckyDerby Oaks Day Ensemble, justfabonline.com, camhatsnyc.com
My first live radio appearance was so fun! Many thanks to my friend and co-host of Mark in The Morning, Gina Grad for inviting me on air to speak about the Kentucky Derby – who to bet on, what to wear, where to watch! I had a blast! It was also Gina’s birthday, so I couldn’t come empty handed – I knew she would love those Mint Julep cookies with a fascinator as garnish! 😉

1 day to go – Talk Derby to me on 100.3 The Sound with the lovely Gina Grad!

I kinda like this whole radio thing….

The rest of my Friday consisted of watching live feeds of Churchill Downs from my WeWork office space in Hollywood while sending last minute information and answering questions for the guests that will be joining me to watch the Derby from Santa Anita Park on Saturday. 

‘Twas the night before Derby…

Saturday – Kentucky Derby Day!

I woke to fanastic news that my best friend from college gave birth to her son, a healthy Royal Derby Baby Boy named Prince Jack William Taylor ❤ This meant that I won the friend ‘baby pool’ – because I *knew* he was going to be born on this day.

#CiaratogaStyle – Kentucky Derby 141

  • Dress: Crop Floral Dress, $39.99, justfab.com

By now you should know my feelings about Navy. I’m obsessed, and this dress was so fun! The design gave off a mod feel and I loved all of the details that JustFab put into the dress, like the white mesh fabric that connected the top and bottom of the dress. Being the ‘Run for the Roses’, I went straight outside and grabbed from fresh cut roses from the front yard. Derby Day is a LONG day so I kept this ensemble simple, comfortable and FLAT. No need for heels…

Derby Day #CiaratogaStyle
I had a great day planned for my 20 guests that came out to Santa Anita to watch Derby Day. It was a mixture of business owners, bloggers and LA professionals that came out enjoy the live racing at Santa Anita and also take part in the 141st Run for the Roses. Here are just a few photos:

A fun day trackside at Santa Anita with fabulous guests

What’s a day at the track without a horse selfie?
Earlier in the week, my team from America’s Best Racing put together our top three selections for the Kentucky Derby and how we would play the race on a budget. Here were my pre-race #CiaratogaPicks for the Kentucky Derby:

$6 Win/Place Show – #6 Mubtaahij, ($18 bet)

$5 Exacta – #18 (American Pharoah) with #6, (Mubtaahij) #8, (Dortmund) #10 (Firing Line) ($15 bet)

$5 Trifecta – #18 with 10, 6, with 10, 8 ($20)

#CiaratogaPicks – shoulda, coulda, woulda.
As you can see from the order of finish, two out of the three betting options came out exact! I hope that you cashed out! My bets should have gotten you 2.5 times the actual payout shown here: That’s about $700 for $38 of total bets! #askaboutme

Didn’t get that winning bet? That’s okay – I didn’t either because I got incredibly sick that afternoon at the track and never made it to a betting station. What? Yes. All that work I did over the week to keep me nice and healthy failed. No Mint Juleps. No bubbly. No after parties to watch #MayPac… I was in bed, sneezzing, sober and broke by 7:30pm. This was definitely a Derby first for me.

Post Derby Party, yay.
Regardless of how the day ended, I wouldn’t have exchanged a single moment from the entire Kentucky Derby week!

Onward to the second jewel of the Triple Crown, the Preakness Stakes! Derby Winner American Pharoah will compete next Saturday May 16th at Pimlico Race Course. Head back to the blog where I’ll be keeping you in the loop with all the essentials to get your Preak On!

/xo, ci/

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