#SADerby Weekend @SantaAnitaPark {in photos}

From start to finish, it was a winning weekend at Santa Anita Park. The Derby Day 5k, Santa Anita Oaks & Derby, Chandelier Room and Filming. By Sunday evening I felt like I had run my first marathon and not 5k. Here’s a quick snapshot of my weekend, I hope yours was just as great!

I started the weekend bright and early with my first 5k. I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of group exercise, especially running. It reminds me of having to “Run The Mile” each spring in grade school, which I never even placed on the board. So this was a nice little test of my stamina, and gave me a new perspective on this whole running thing is about.

#DerbyDay5k with @LosPonies

The course for the Derby Day 5k was beautiful. Approximately 8,000 people ran out of the Santa Anita Parking lot to the Los Angeles Arboretum to run alongside waterfalls, gorgeous flowers, peacocks, and incredible landscaping. After I cranked up Beyoncé and Pharrell in my ears, this little filly took off and gained some downhill speed as I entered the backstretch of the track. It was pretty cool having the finish line on the track. It really did make you feel as though you were a horse as people cheered each other on at the finish.

Is this not the coolest medal or what?

I made good time, though I haven’t looked up my official score online. I timed it off the app on my cell phone and my time was approximately 33 minutes. That includes the 2 minutes or so where I was slow in the start and did a bit of walking before the group thinned out. I had no idea I would even get a medal since I didn’t finish “in the money” but I did – and its a bottle opener too, amazing! I knew there was a reason I ran.

#ChefsAndChandeliers in the Chandelier Room at Santa Anita Park, #nom.

Well since I burned off some extra calories in the morning, I found it totally acceptable to completely stuff my face in the Chandelier Room for their Guest Chef Series. This month featured LA Restaurant Barrell and Ashes and food was prepared by Chef Tim Hollingsworth. It was like having a soul food Easter dinner a night early. The food and music was well receieved all day, Fantastic job! 

The Ladies of @LoveAndDawn enjoying The Chandelier Room  

I had two groups of awesome guests joining me today. Two fantastic young women that are embarking on their own businesses in Southern California. Crystal of swimwear and resort line, Love and Dawn, and Nicole of LifeThatLife.co. Both ladies brought out their family and friends to enjoy the day and learn a bit more about horse racing.

Nicole of @LifeThatLifeCo , myself and Nicole’s mother between races!  
My colleague Alex Benton and I got captured by Serfoss Productions, #CiaratogaStyle

We had some great winners, Nicole and her mother made some cash on Zivnor, We pretty much all won on Dortmund, and I managed to hit the superfecta for the Santa Anita Oaks Derby.

The Calm after the storm – Sunday AM workouts at Clocker’s Corner

Sunday I found myself back at SA bright and early to do some filming for ABR with Steve Brady for some videos that will be rolled out for the Kentucky Derby.  It’s never a bad morning when this is your view! Clocker’s Corner was filled with winning trainers and jockeys from the day before, and I simply just love feeling that “Derby Buzz” in the air. The season is up on us!

Behind The Scenes with ABR FIlms
Behind the Scenes with ABR Films

I ducked out a few races early to head down to Orange County to have Easter Dinner with my family, and by the end of the night I was legit crawling to my bed…partially because I was exhausted, and partially because those 3 miles worked me out!

/ xo, ci /

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