#CiaratogaStyle: Mid-Week Romp

I’m having one of those days where my outfit just magically came together… and has completely taken over my life. I’m feeling pretty good on this Wednesday cause I whipped out what I will now lovingly refer to as the “Freakum Romper” from out of the closet.

There are ton of reasons why I love this outfit choice for the day. The number one reason I adore it is because the main pieces to this ensemble I didn’t find in a store, but rather inside of my friends closets. I snagged this black Forever 21 romper for about $15 from my girlfriend Catherine who was selling some unworn items from her closet, and this awesome statement necklace from my friend Sharla who was looking to give some great accessories to a new home for $Free.99. #ThanksLadies…Happy to take these off of your hands.

#CiaratogaStyle: Mid-Week Romp – Romper -Forever21.com; Boots – JustFab.com

#CiaratogaStyle: Mid-Week Romp

Not going to lie, Rompers are an acquired look that can be a challenge for some to pull off. If the one piece isn’t designed appropriately to fit your shape – you can end up feeling pretty uncomfortable or just not liking the style. In my case I usually end up feeling incredibly chunky from a certain angle, or spend the day trying to avoid appearing like I have a huge wedgie. To be honest, I think that happens to anyone wearing a “onesie.” Size is of the most importance, and once you find one that fits – just buy it…and save it for a night out or a cloudy day.

This black romper is the latest to join my collection thanks to Catherine – who was even awesome enough to hand deliver the outfit to me herself during the middle of her day a few weeks back. I have two other romper short sets, and two romper pant sets – they are all different and if you’d like, I’d be happy to blog about them in the future.

#CiaratogaStyle: Mid-Week Romp – Romper -Forever21.com; Boots – JustFab.com

What’s not to love about this. I never wear the color black, so that alone made me feel a little edgy. The plunging neckline is also mirrored in the back of the romper with a nice size opening. I wore a bra that had a simple yet sexy lace print because the back of the Romper as well as the sleeves are a bit sheer – so sassy.

#CiaratogaStyle: Mid-Week Romp – Romper -Forever21.com; Boots – JustFab.com

This necklace, though!? I think that my girl Sharla could easily open an online boutique or kiosk at the track to sell all of the awesome hats and accessories that she no longer wanted to hold on to. The other week Sharla hosted a happy hour gathering where she set up a lovely display of hats, necklaces, and other accessories and ladies were able to grab pieces that they wanted while drinking champagne and chatting horses. This necklace was among some of the treasures I went home with (along with another necklace and 3 new track hats!) Thank you darling – it’s the perfect touch for this outfit.

#CiaratogaStyle: Mid-Week Romp – Romper -Forever21.com; Boots – JustFab.com

I finished the ensemble with these super high boots from JustFab.com and a matching bag from DSW Warehouse. Since I run around Los Angeles all day, the boots keep me comfortable and stylish – not to mention the romper can ride a little short at times so they provide the right amount of coverage. If you’re not a member of JustFab.com’s VIP program – you should be! Most items are only $39.95 and will ship to you for free! Click here to learn more about joining JustFab!

I may transition this look right into a Nightcap look by adding a jacket and a pair of heels – stay tuned!

/ xo, ci /

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