#CiaratogaPicks: NYE @SantaAnitaPark

Happy Almost 2015. What better way to end The Year of The Horse than by spending the afternoon at Santa Anita Park? Here are some horses that stood out to me on today’s card. I personally will be paying attention to Races 5, 6 and 7. In Race 5 will be curious as to how (1) Lute It Up will fare first time out. Race 6 I’m sure many will be putting money down on The Gomper who is packed with speed and won his first start at Los Al earlier this month, but I’m a fan of (4) Social Request and (2) Gambler’s Roll. I may play a double between those two races and then a $1 Rolling Pick3 for R5-7.

Best of luck… pop Champagne (safely) tonight.
/ xo, ci /


#CiaratogaPicks – 12.31.14
Race 1: 6, 5, 3
Race 2: 7, 1, 5
Race 3: 4, 6
Race 4: 9, 6, 1
Race 5: 1, 10, 9
Race 6: 4, 2, 7
Race 7: 9, 3, 2
Race 8: 12, 2, 7

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