#CiaratogaLiving: Desk Success

The Breeders’ Cup countdown is on! Which means all of us horseplayers will be on our grind the next 2.5 weeks. It’s exciting, it’s tiring…but we need to be on top our game! Working from home has its perks but can also be a challenge to keep yourself focused and organized when tasks get hectic during a short period of time.

To get me started moving in the right direction, I revamped my home office space to create a desk that will foster the success I need leading up to the Breeders’ Cup Week. Let’s take a quick tour:

Ciaratoga Living: Desk Success

Desk Success (from l to r) :

  • Wine Opener: Alright. I know you’re thinking, “Really, Ciara…?,” But I did say that I was creating a desk that would foster the type of success that I need. So, if I get my work done in a timely manner why not reward myself with a glass of wine or beer? What if I have to pull a late night working and have to miss happy hour in Hollywood? I’m prepared.

I use mason jars for everything. They make the best pen and office supply holder. My college bestie (who is also a mason jar hoarder) gifted me these awesome slotted discs to go inside the mason jar to make a vase for flower displays. The square slots also fit pens and other accessories perfectly. Genius. Go to pinterest, now!

  • Actual Books: Sometimes its good idea to step away from Wikipedia. A novel idea, especially if the reading material is great. My reading supply is a good mixture of reference books for my profession, inspirational reading and some fun humor books just to keep things interesting. Taking a break for a half hour to go outside and read can give you a new energy. Or make you sleepy, which I’m guilty of. So when that happens I resort to my next item for success:
  • Candy Stash: Oh come on, we all have one. And, if you don’t, odds are you’re walking down the hall to “Sally’s” office and grabbing a handful of her halloween fun sized candies while she’s in a meeting. Since I no longer have that luxury, I have to bring my own. My most recent
    guilty pleasure has been on the rather healthier side, Roasted Coconut Chips (with a touch a salt and sugar) from my beloved Trader Joe‘s…nom.
  • Horse

  • Monogrammed Laptop Decal: Some people love to cover their laptop with stickers and such… which I didn’t think was my thing, until I saw these monogrammed decals. They were super inexpensive and came in a pack of two. I got the second decal in a different font and pattern which I will find a use for some day.
  • Business & Note Cards. These two should be on every desk. In the next few weeks I’m bound to pass out a ton of business cards. Though I’m sure I’ll keep in touch with most of my contacts electronically, who is ever disappointed to receive hand-written note?

giddy up. / xo, ci /

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