#CiaratogaStyle: Pick 4 / Fall Beauty Items


Well. If that doesn’t explain what a Pick4 is in the land of Ciaratoga, I’m not sure what will. In fact, those two meanings of a Pick 4 go hand in hand in for this little filly: Success in definition No. 1 leads to the success of affording definition No. 2. So, here we have it: a #CiaratogaStyle “Pick 4” – four items that are currently taking control over my life – in exact order of finish:

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum in Walnut, $43, Sephora.com
really never thought that I would become one of those people who pay a silly amount of money for a “tinted lotion” but… I’m one of those people now. I got my makeup done for my college bestie’s wedding last month in Vermont and this was the product that the Makeup Artist put on my face. She told me I would love it, but really, although? Aren’t they supposed to say that to suck you in? For $40, it had to be fantastic, and it is. It’s super light and provides the right amount of coverage without looking unnatural. The lotion has SPF 20 too. I can’t get enough of it – Laura Mercier….#truth.

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Expresso, $26, Sephora.com
Yup. This is another one of those, “why the hell would I ever need this” item.
But whatever, I think that brow glow could appeal to someone for a few reasons: A) If you have bangs or your hair is in your face a lot…chances are your brows will be moved out of shape. B) It’s tinted like mascara..so it acts like a brow pencil and has a better even finish for filling out your brows. If you don’t need to extra color, it also comes in clear. C) It’s not clumpy. For me this was a luxury item that I kept seeing around and just never made the commitment, but I’m glad I finally did. If its not this product, find one that works for you!

3. Revlon Photoready 3D Mascara in Blackest Black, $9, cvs.com
Photo-ready pretty much explains it. This is …the best makeup item I own. I’ve never had more people ask if my lashes were fake or not after wearing this mascara. The brush is like none I’ve other used before. I don’t know it looks like a caterpillar or something – maybe that’s its “3D quality, who knows. It makes your lashes look super long and full. Depending on where you get it, its under $9. If you’re anything like me, you’ll wait until you CVS has their “BOGO %50 off” deal and snag two for under $15.

4. Nars Lip Gloss in Angelika, $26, Sephora.com
Every girl has a lip gloss, stick, or balm that they just can’t live without. NARS is the brand for me. I’m surprised I don’t have 12 different shades by now. This color, though not technically associated with Fall colors… will actually pop against those autmun colors (as seen in the photo) and just is a great gloss to have in your purse. I have learned how to stretch the NARS lip products for a long time. Its all about how you layer the gloss. Sometimes to play with the color I will put a darker layer on my lip with a pencil then use this hot pink with sparkles on top and creates a perfect berry color.

Here’s a little Instagram selfie of some of the products! Stay tuned for more of these…
/ xo, ci /


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