For several weeks I have been anticipating meeting the fabulous up and coming photographer Holly Jo of HollyJoPhoto, who reached out to me because she was heading to Hollywood for a month from New York.

Prior to yesterday, we forever chatted online about collaborating for a Vintage horse-racing themed photo shoot and also since Holly has never been to a California racetrack, this will be a great opportunity for me to show her!

We decided to set up a “ladies lunch” to plan for this photo shoot. Since I’m still a LA newbie with little “girl time”… I was super excited to spend the afternoon with such a pretty lady. SO i went straight to my closet to find the right attire. I wanted my lunch outfit to not only reflect the beautiful, feminine nature of Miss Holly Jo, but also capture a bit of “Hollywood style” at the same time.

What I wore for #CropTopLunch:

Blue & White Polka Dot Crop Top, $17.50, Forever21.com; White Skirt: Love 21 Collection, Forever21.com $17.50; White necklace & earring set: Charming Charlie’s: Pumps, Jessica Simpson, DSW.com, $49.50
Handbag: DSW.com, $22.00

Let me just say. Though I have worn crop tops before, I have never worn one in actual “public,” like…not at the beach or in the privacy of my own home. I toyed around with this styling choice for a few minutes and then I realized…I’m in LA… It’s 90 degrees… and I do what I want! Also, my San Diego blogger girlfriend Tanya of labellatanchi.com has inspired me with her blog posts about making the crop top work in several ways! Because of her I managed to make the style look tasteful by pairing it with a Forever21 Skirt. I love slit on the back of this skirt, don’t you? Coordinating it with cognac-colored Jessica Simpson Pumps & Oversized bag seemed like a easy choice.

I loved this look! Oddly enough, I didn’t feel uncomfortable with a bit of my tummy out during our lunch & afternoon exploring Hollywood…and neither did anyone else around me. No one said anything about it, instead people complimented Holly and I on our fashion choices all day, bonus.

We met for lunch at Republique in West Hollywood. Oh. my. This place is amazing. It’s a cafeteria style set up that: A) Serves breakfast all day…which automatically makes this place amazing, and B) The interior is classic, you feel like you are being transported to another time and place. I had the “BLT Toast” which was an open faced BLT sandwich with Fried Egg, Bacon and Arugula on a large piece of homemade toast. I also had the best Café Mocha made with their fresh cooca. Republique is now a staple in my LA dining experience.



We found some amazing Vintage furniture and clothing stores that had tons of amazing gear to use for a 50’s-60’s inspired track photo shoot. Men’s Bow ties, Ladies hats & dresses. I was searching for vintage Lilly Pulitzer, but instead fell in love with this totally impractical pink suitcase:


Of course what would an ladies lunch afternoon be without a least one selfie:


Can’t wait for our photo shoot, Holly! Stay tuned.

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