I really don’t know what it is with me and Apple products. First it was the iPod. Loved the iPod…it was so tiny and held so much music. Then came the iPod Nano… see ya later iPod. After those two, I told myself..”You’re a PC girl. You won’t give up your Dell Computer or your Android Phone.” Then it happened. I purchased a MacBook Air last year, and ever since then I’ve officially turned into an apple. I went so far as going onto Craigslist and buying an iPhone from someone. We did the exchange in a McDonalds parking lot in Downtown Albany (nope…not kidding). I thought that the several iPhone covers, the Cloud, and silly answers from Lady Siri would hold me over…but apparently not because for the last few weeks all I could think about was owning an AppleTV — and now I do.
Super easy set up, everything took less than 5 minutes. I’m a little excited.

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Horses. Style. Living... from Saratoga to SoCal. Content Creator. Model. Vocalist.

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