There have been numerous incidents in the last few weeks in Saratoga Springs where people have been assaulted, robbed, and arrested for misconduct. It’s scary to think that someone here in town could be worried to walk down over to Spring Street Deli or take a jog through the State Park. This past weekend alone, the Saratoga Springs Police made 11 arrests in 8 hours. Granted, most of those were isolated incidents… some of these could be avoided by perhaps:
  • not beating people up,
  • not verbally assaulting people,
  • not urinating on the actual saratoga springs police station, (really though?)
  • not driving under the influence,
  • keeping your hands on your own property, instead of stealing others. 
Some of that may sound funny, but it’s true. In light of these incidents and the tragic day our neighbors in Boston experienced yesterday, there will be a statement read at the Town Council meeting at Saratoga Springs City Hall at 7pm tonight (April 16) to propose a few suggestions to further enhance our public safety. Such as:
  • More police patrols after sunset, 
  • The installation of some new lighting near our city parks and a 
  • A tip line and reward for information leading to the arrests of those who perpetrate violent crime.
If you are free, please come to City Hall at 7pm and show your support!
 Lets #staysafesaratoga

p.s. — thanks for all that you do, SSPD. xo.

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