The SPRING ISSUE of MAMATOGA is out! If you fit somewhere in the following criteria:
  • Like cute kids
  • Not a mama
  • Are a mama
  • Respect Baby Wearing Dads
  • Live in or around Saratoga County.. or not.
  • Like cute kids and snow pictures
  • Eat food or have any sense or style, or not.
You should probably pick up a copy of MAMATOGA Magazine. Just going to throw that out there. From the video below I’m sure you’ll figure out that I’m super proud and happy for my friend Jenny. Keep up with her on www.mamatoga.com

Head out to Boca Bistro this Tuesday evening, and pick up a copy! Check www.mamatoga.com for more info, or check out the Mamatoga facebook page.
Travers 2012! xo, Jenny.

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Horses. Style. Living... from Saratoga to SoCal. Content Creator. Model. Vocalist.

One thought on “#mamatogasprings

  1. Ciara! Best review EVER thank you so much! Can't wait to see you Tuesday, I totally remember that photo from last year too, CAN'T WAIT FOR TRAVERS 2013! xoxo

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