#DIY Happy Hour: Clogged Sink

This was definitely a first. First Vlog. First time in iMovie. But I think it turned out pretty funny and incredibly accurate. 

For some time I’ve been dealing with a slow moving drain in my bathroom. I do the draino thing here and there, but I hear that’s not always good for the pipes. I also could not get the stopper out of the sink so I could see what was going on in there.

Thanks to a Facebook post from Tim Pearles of http://www.Rent518.com, his plumber friend who provided useful tips via status update, and a special home decor item… I present to you: DIY HAPPY HOUR

I know you’re wondering… what did I use to get the rest of that clog out??

The shortest bamboo stick from this display “thing” in my living room. Was never fully sure what the purpose of having this decor item in my home…but I guess now I know.

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