As if there was another website that I needed to join and recieve a bunch of notification emails… I joined Pintrest the other day. I kept hearing, “Ciara, you’re not on? you’re not on!?”…”oh I pinned the cutest shirt…” 

So, whatever. I figured it wasn’t a big deal. I chose to take a little bit of time out of my Sunday to see what was all the hype.

These were the thoughts that came through my head today in regards to Pintrest:

  • “OMG That is so cute!”
  • No one’s house really looks like this.
  • “I hope she doesn’t mind that I “re-pinned” this…and that…well maybe I should just follow her?
  • I’m done after this next pin.
  • “Who the hell would buy that…”
  • When does the amount of “boards” I have get excessive?
  • I can’t think of a clever enough name for this board…what’s another way to say “Clothes I like?” Crap. Crap…
  • Its been three hours?
  • Do I need the iPhone app? No.
  • Don’t download the app.
  • Oh! She’s on Pintrest? I love her style…
  • What’s my apple password again?…downloading app. 
6 Hours, 11 Boards and 194 Pins later…. 

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Horses. Style. Living... from Saratoga to SoCal. Content Creator. Model. Vocalist.

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