#cici eggplant snack

Last night I was determined to make something with eggplant for dinner but I went to boot camp at 4pm that afternoon and could barley use the knife to cut the cheese and crackers I actually ended up having for dinner. Instead… Here is my now Saturday breakfast/lunch/snack/yum creation of the day: Eggplant Fries!

I like to work with a 20 minute rule when cooking — Ain’t no body got time for that!! —  so if you want to create this it won’t take you long.

First I sliced up the eggplant. I decided to cut fries instead of round chips but either will do. As I cut the eggplant I put them aside in a bowl of water that I sprinkled sea salt in to avoid the color of the eggplant to change (yea try that.)

After I drained the water out the bowl I added the typical “Ciara Season Mix” which is basically a hell of a lot of Olive Oil, garlic, fresh cracked pepper, sea salt, chopped onion. I added fresh rosemary (my weakness!)

Threw those suckers on an aluminum pan in the pre-heated 400 degree oven for 10-12 minutes or until they met my little hungry heart’s desire. I flipped the fries over part way through and towards the end I switched the oven setting from “bake” to “broil” to get some extra crispness.

What really made the final product was the freshly shaven parmesan cheese I sprinkled into the fries…and the heated vodka sauce I used to dip the fries in.

Questions? This was gone in seconds!! nom.

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