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#CiaratogaReunionTour 2015

Homeward Bound. 

June 29 – July 2: Philadelphia – Delaware – NJ

July 3 – July 11: Saratoga Springs – Lake George – Burlington 

July 12 – 13: Philadelphia 

…giddy up and get at me! / xo, ci / 


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#CiaratogaStyle: Fashion Friday w. @lillypulitzer 

Lilly…girl, you never do me wrong. Thank you for spilling your juice all over the fashion world. Today’s outfit is for you, boo.      

  Bodily Accents:


Crop Top: #LillyForTarget Children’s Shirt (kids 10/12), $14 (sold out)

Cropped Pants:, $59

Heels: JF Rosey, Floral,

/ xo, ci /

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Throwback Thursday: #Saratoga

I can’t wait for #Saratoga 😊

Or a Shake Shack Burger.

July 24 – September 7.  The August Place to Be. 

#tbt: Saratoga, 2014 / xo, ci /

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#CiaratogaStyle: @BelmontStakes

What does one wear to witness history?

Usually I would plan out what I’m going to wear for an occasion as large as this, but on Saturday morning I sat at the edge of my bed staring blankly at my closet.

Do I dress like American Pharoah’s jockey silks of blue and yellow? What about a black and white dress to be traditional to the colors of the Belmont?

To be honest, all I cared about was watching the race, however, I knew there were going to be a few things required from my outfit choice:

  • It has to be comfortable: On big race days, the last thing I want to be is in an outfit that is too tight or too difficult to maneuver in. I plan on jumping up and down when this boy makes history, so… #aintnobodygottimeforthat. Not to mention that the Chandelier Room had their Guest Chef Series featuring food from The Church Key, so I needed space to stuff face.
  • I can dress this up or down: also referred to as… I can wear heels or flats and it still looks cute. Walking in 4-inch heels for 6 hours around a racetrack is a lot of work! I want to make sure this outfit can survive the transition.
  • Simple Accesories –  I wasn’t in the mood to wear a lot of jewelry, and was on the fence with even wearing a hat (I know, what was going on with me) – so a great way to solve that issue was by choosing an ensemble with a print.

Here’s my #CiaratogaStyle for the Belmont Stakes

#CiaratogaStyle: @BelmontStakes

Mission accomplished. I’m so glad that I found the perfect day to finally rock this printed jumpsuit from D & A Boutique! It’s lightweight and I love the dramatic V-shaped neckline which is in both the front and back. It’s sexy without showing too much; a stylish feminine look that was a bit off the traditional train.

Margaret Elizabeth Diamond Bangle,;

How cute is this bangle from If you’re unfamiliar with Rocksbox, it’s a designer jewelry website that sends you three curated pieces on a loan once a month. You select products you like, add them to your personal wish list and wait to see what arrives in the mail! Borrow the jewelry for a few weeks and send it back. Rocksbox even sends along the free shipping for returns. Fall in love with your Rocksbox? You can purchase it!

Give Rocksbox a try by using my code, ciaratogaxoxo for a *free* month of jewelry! (Normally $19, and the code never expires!)

The Margaret Elizabeth bangle matched so nicely with my winning Triple Crown ticket! I still can’t believe American Pharoah won, what an amazing moment to be a part of!

/ xo, ci /

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#MalibuFri-yay: 6.5.15 {through photos}

I love the beauty that California holds. Over the last year I’ve seen so many breathtaking places and spaces – and Malibu is pretty high on the list for one of the most beautiful locales I’ve had a chance to spent time in. I went up for the first time in late 2014 and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Now that I reside in West LA,  getting to Malibu from my home is almost too easy.

Here are some captured moments from today’s 30 minute commute to paradise:  

 Instead of checking out the pier or a new restaurant, I decided to pull over on the side of the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) at the first spot that called to me, so I hung my hat and called it home.…I think I found a winning locale. Cue Frank Ocean and start singing “Sweet Life” – Why see the world, when you’ve got the beach?

hi.   For the purposes of my Instagram, I’m really glad this pier no longer exists.      Malibu Breeze.   As I got into my car to leave, I took one more look out at the ocean and this was the view from the passenger side window. I hopped out and snapped one for the road…  

 Until next time. Love you, Mali-boo.

/ xo, ci /


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