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This Place is a Gem | Rubies+Diamonds 

Art Installation | “Cascade” | #notajewelrystore

Include all the puns – Rubies+Diamonds is a GEM located right in the heart of Hollywood. Though it is #notajewelrystore, it leaves it’s sparkle on anyone who has the pleasure of visiting the artisanal coffee-tea lounge. From decor to drinks, the “R+D” is the perfect blend of contemporary and classic. I was fortunate enough to attend a tasting event at R+D and I’m still drooling over the incredible menu that presented. Get ready to be jealous, these photos provide zero justice to how great everything tasted!

Nitro Creamy Matcha Tea

  • Nitro Creamy Matcha Tea
    • Matcha Green tea starts citrus-y and finishes sweet. I had never had a matcha drink, nor one that was made through nitro infusions where they add transparent gas to a keg in order to produce an extra creamy foam. This was served cold, incredibly smooth and not strong on the palette. If you’re a fan of green tea and love the silky nature of a latte, this is one is for you.

Pesto Prosciutto Danish

  • Pesto Prosciutto Danish
    • Yes, please. I don’t think that I really need to say much more about it. What we can discuss is the fact that it is served on China. Why not use the good stuff? In speaking with R+D owner Jean Shim, she feels the same way!

Sea Salt Cold Brew

  • Sea Salt Cold Brew
    • R+D Signature Cold Brew paired with milk and a sprinkle of sea salt. Cold Brews are becoming increasingly more popular, and now I know why. WOW. I wouldn’t typically think to combine salt my coffee, but it really complimented the creamy concoction. One obviously won’t be enough… order three.

Kimchi Spam Musubi Croissant

  • Kimchi Spam Musubi Croissant
    • If you’re still holding on to your 90’s thoughts of how spam is prepared, it’s time to let it go.

BKON Cocktail X

  • BKON Cocktail X
    • Top Secret BKON Processed Cocktail. Made with the BKON Craft Brewer, it’s was easily the most innovated beer infused cocktail I have ever had.

Kouign-Amann Caramel Sweet Bread

  • Kougin-Amman Caramel Sweet Bread
    • Soft, flavorful bread with a layer of caramel on the bottom, served on R+D’s signature wooden plates.

Nitro Cold Brew Float

  • Nitro Cold Brew Float
    • Premium Mother Moo ice cream paired with Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. In the nature of keeping their ingredients local, R+D uses LA creamery, Mother Moo‘s ice cream for the fun and flavor of an ice cream float. This was so good!


For the coffee lover.

For the craft beer enthusiast.

For visual artist.

Stop by and see for yourself!




6115 W. Sunset Blvd, Suite 150 ・Los Angeles, CA 90028 ・323.465.0400

Sunday – Thursday ・7am to 10pm ・Friday & Saturday 7am to 11pm


Free Wifi ・Multiple Power Stations

Complimentary 90 minute free parking ・Complimentary Valet


Again, many thanks to the team at R+D for hosting such a great event. You won’t be able to get rid of me now!

/ xo, ci /


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Walk Longer With Me | A #CiaratogaStyle Giveaway!

Okay ladies (and dudes)!

We’ve all said to ourselves before, “I wish I was an inch taller.”  Well, now you can be. I don’t know if I’m a newcomer or getting party started… but let me introduce you to Invisible Heels! These insole lift inserts made of memory foam will magically make you 3/4″ – 2″ inches longer while lifting your booty and slimming your figure.

#HelloLongerLegs | #CiaratogaStyle

Okay, I know that sounds a little unrealistic, but it’s true. I put my pair of Invisible Heels to the test last week and was quite impressed with their functionality. Simply add the insole into the bottom of your favorite pair of flats, boots, or sneakers…and say hello to your longer legs. Who doesn’t love an extra boost of confidence?!  The average woman is 5 foot, 5 inches. Though I’m 5 foot 7, this was the first time I was able to physically appear taller without having to wear stilettos or uncomfortable wedges all day.  From walking through airports to day hikes, Invisible Heels provide support for hours!


I’m giving this set of Invisible Heels away on Feb 1st! ($24 Value)

Since I’m such a fan of this product, I’d like to give away a pair of Invisible Heels to one of you! Here are the guidelines for getting your very own set.

#CiaratogaStyle – Invisible Heels Giveaway:

  • Make sure you are following My Instagram @Ciaratoga & Invisible Heels Instagram
  • Share a photo of you in a pair of your favorite shoes that could use an Invisible Heels lift using the hashtags #CiaratogaStyle, #HelloLongerLegs and mention @SayHelloToLongerLegs
  • One winner will be the new owner of a pair of 1.5″ invisible heels on February 1st 2016!

We will all be long and lean in 2016… Giddy up and tell your friends! 

/ xo, ci /










*Many thanks to Invisible Heels and Obviously Studio for sponsoring this blog post! :)

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Cucumber Avocado Soup | #CiaratogaLiving

I haven’t had solid food since I opened my Nutri Ninja. For the last five days, basically everything that I’ve bought from Trader Joes has gone into this 900 watt blender. The Nutri Ninja can make anything from juices to dips, smoothies and soups. I decided to take a crack at one of their recipes this weekend.

Avocado Cucumber Soup | #CiaratogaLiving

Avocado Cucumber Soup | #CiaratogaLiving

Recipe from

  • 1 avocado, pitted, cut into quarters
  • 1/4 yellow pepper, seeded, chopped
  • 1/2 jalapeno, seeded, cut in half
  • 1/4 cup packed fresh cilantro, stems removed
  • 1 garlic clove, peeled
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 1/8 cups unsalted chicken stock
  • 1 1/4 cups chopped English cucumber

Avocado Cucumber Soup | #CiaratogaLiving


  • Place all the ingredients in the order listed into the 24-ounce Nutri Ninja® cup and blend for 35 seconds.
  • Chill before serving. Makes 2-3 servings.

It was that simple, and that good! It tasted like an guacamole Gazpacho. Served cold, this is an excellent soup to be served as an appetizer, or to cleanse the palette between courses. The consistency was very creamy and smooth. I could easily see tortilla chips as a great garnish….yup, bookmark this recipe.

For the next batch:

  • Don’t forget cilantroCause I did.
  • More jalapeno. I’m not one to get carried away with heat, but with all the other ingredients I was surprised that the flavor of the pepper didn’t come out more.
  • Try as a dip. If the amount of chicken stock was reduced, this would have also made for a great dip!

Kale and celery root soup is on deck, would you try it?

/ xo, ci /


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Layered Up-state | #CiaratogaStyle

I have spent the last ten days in plaid, faux-fur vests, knee-high socks and boots. For this winter edition of the #CiaratogaReunionTour, it was all about staying cozy … and cute. 

Layering up ensembles was one of the best ways I was able to stay warm while mixing different patterns, colors and textures from my wardrobe to create a stylish look for even 20 degree weather.

Layered Up-State | #CiaratogaStyle


Layered Up-State | #CiaratogaStyle:

 I’ve always been a lover of plaid. When I saw this buffalo plaid shirt dress in the store I grabbed it right off the rack and went directly to the register. It comes with a belt to accentuate the waist, but can easily be rocked without for a more relaxed fit. The great thing about shirt dresses is because of its shape it lends for the opportunity to add layers underneath like a camisole tank top or a pair of thick tights, both of which I did.

Layered Up-state | #CiaratogaStyle

In relocating to LA, I was smart enough to store away a few warm clothing items in New York for future visits. It escaped my memory that I had a faux fur vest, and was happy to be reunited with it! It paired nicely with the majority of the clothes I packed and kept me super comfy. 

These JustFab tall riding boots handled their first snow in the Adirondacks perfectly. They were stylish and spacious enough to fit two pairs of socks on super cold days, or to tuck in a pair of jeans. For $39, you can’t beat being JustFab VIP member!

Though not pictured, honorable mention must be given to the most essential accessories: beanie hats, scarves and texting gloves & eyewear. 

Layered Up-state | #CiaratogaStyle


/ xo, ci /

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Pieces of Placid {in photos} 

This week’s adventures in the Adirondacks lead me to Lake Placid, NY. Everyone kind of knows the basic things associated with LP: very cold weather, the 1932 & 1980 Olympics, and the popular attraction, Whiteface Mountain. I loved having an opportunity to explore more of the area and see some sites worth sharing with you.

As soon as we hit Adirondack Park it began snowing and it made for a beautiful ride. We made a pit stop on the way at Schroon River on the way up to Lake Placid.

My first view of Mirror Lake, so peaceful.

Liquids and Solids at the Handlebar, Lake Placid, NY

The first evening I dined at Liquids and Solids at the Handlebar. An incredibly quaint spot equipped with an antique wood burning stove to keep you cozy, and one of the most unique locally-based dining menus I’ve seen in a while.


Adirondack Breakfast #CiaratogaStyle

At a balmy 12 degrees, it was still a gorgeous second day in the Village of Lake Placid. A hearty breakfast at Dancing Bears, a trip to the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery and a leisurely drive around Mirror Lake and the surrounding area made for a great afternoon. #PerfectDayADK


Mirror Lake Inn

We closed out the second evening with a great experience at Mirror Lake Inn. The interior of the hotel is divine. As soon as you step in the inn you are transported into another time.

 Not to mention, the service and food were incredible. I have no idea what they did to these  Oyster Rockefeller, but they are amazing. “Baked on the half-shell with spinach-herb cream sauce, pernod, and buttered bread crumbs.” Yup, go get you some.

Driving away from Lake Placid was just as beautiful as driving to it. Snow and sun makes for a great combo as your passing through the high peaks in Keene Valley. 

Until next time, ADK.

/ xo, ci /


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